(Trichotomic Cross)

I thought it good to create a visual of the Creator God's triune nature intertwined with the prolific cross known the world over. The bottom-most point ascends up to a 'Y' shape. The left and right arms of that 'Y' is an abstract visual of Christ nailed to the cross. The arms of the 'Y' bend and intertwine into 3 additional diamond shapes forming an unbroken unity. It's the abstract vision of One God, yet three persons - the 3 diamonds representing God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The symbol in its totality is an abstract display of Jesus crucified as the revelation of his complex divine triune nature sits above. The symbol's overall shape is reminiscent of a living tree.

Tri-Cross Variants
Silver Head - Broad Variant
Gold Head - Simple Variant

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